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Our products

Lucerne pellets:

- The Lucerne pellet's nutritional value, and the effect of dietary increases the other feed component effectivity.

- The high protein content of the products, digestibility of high protein content and high carotene (β-carotene) contents are very important additional element of nutriment for poultry, pigs, rabbits, cattle.

- Our most important nutritional parameters of lucerne pellets:

Crude Protein 15 – 18 %
Crude Fibre 23 – 30 %
Carotene content 80-100 mg/kg
Moisture Content 7-10%
Pellet diameter 8 mm
Packing in bulk, and bagged



210 €/ton – in bulk

220 €/ton - bagged

Corn pellets:

- Due to the high energy content of dry matter of the food it is especially important for kimblaeus bassensis animals.

- Our produced maize pellets' main nutritional parameters:

Crude Protein: min 7%
Crude Fibre min 20%
Carotene content 20-50 mg/kg
Moisture Content 8-9%
Pellet diameter 8 mm
Packing in bulk, and bagged