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About the Company


The Karotin Ltd.  was created on 1. november 1992 by 18 member. The main profile of the company is manufacturing of pellets of Lucerne.

In the beginning we was running 1 piece of MGF-OB drier of Lucerne, but this number was changed to 4. by the end of the year 2000. Thus, the annual quantity of Lucerne pellets production – considering good weather - more than 10,000 tons, this is 30-40% of the annual Lucerne pellet production of Hungary.


Today, we farming on approximately. 3300 ha, which 1/3rd part is the area of Lucerne, the remaining approx. 2200 ha is for traditional arable crop production (barley, canola, wheat, sunflower, maize).

The Karotin Ltd. has 2 depots, one in Szeged, very near to the newly built M43 motorway's exit-lane toward Sándorfalva. The other depot is located approx. 20 kms far from Szeged in Dóc.

The company is well developped regarding the size of the company's area, it has modern machineground and 55 staff.

Main business areas:

    • Lucerne pellets production
    • Corn pellet production
    • Agri pellets production
    • Cultivation of different plants: cropping, drying, cleaning
    • Agricultural machinery service
    • Lease-work

Main Depot:

Szeged – 6728 Külterület 2. Dóc – 6766 Erdősor u. 13.